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23.06.2020 | swiss-academies
The first Executive Board of the Swiss Young Academy has been elected
Primo Comitato esecutivo della Giovane Accademia Svizzera

13.05.2020 | swiss-academies
The first 29 members of the Swiss Young Academy have been elected
Eletti i primi 29 membri della Giovane accademia svizzera

08.05.2020 | swiss-academies
Assembly of Delegates elects Marcel Tanner president of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Marcel Tanner eletto presidente delle Accademie svizzere delle scienze dall’Assemblea dei delegati

25.04.2020 | swiss-academies
Epidemiologist and health expert Marcel Tanner receives honorary doctorate from the University of Zurich

16.12.2019 | swiss-academies
Establishment of the Swiss Young Academy
Fondazione della Giovane accademia svizzera

04.12.2019 | swiss-academies
A change in leadership at the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Passaggio di testimone alla presidenza delle Accademie svizzere delle scienze

06.05.2018 | swiss-academies
Invitation to 25th ALLEA Anniversary conference | Science and Society in Present-Day Europe | Bern | 8-9 May

02.05.2018 | swiss-academies
Antonio Loprieno is the new president of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

18.10.2017 | swiss-academies
Antonio Loprieno will be the next President of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

13.09.2017 | swiss-academies
„a+ Platform Ageing Society“ connects knowledge and stakeholders from science and practice (in German)

20.07.2017 | swiss-academies
Swiss Clean Air Act takes account of the latest state of research (in German)

10.05.2017 | swiss-academies
Objectives achieved, positive interim result (in German)

06.02.2017 | swiss-academies
Progressive warming of alpine permafrost (in German)

06.12.2016 | swiss-academies
Valais Nature Museum awarded Prix Expo 2016 for best exhibition of the year (in German)

07.11.2016 l swiss-academies
Climate experts highlight fields of action and potentials (in German)

03.11.2016 l swiss-academies
Glaciers continue to melt in 2016, although less than last year (in German)

22.09.2016 l swiss-academies
Prix Média 2016 to Lison Méric, Julian Schmidli and Timo Grossenbacher: Voices in the head and interest ties of Swiss universities (in German)

23.08.2016 l swiss-academies
Ozone and summer smog: climate change endangers today's achievements (in German)

23.05.2016 l swiss-academies
Greater transparency in the commodity sector (in German)

22.04.2016 l swiss-academies
Claudia Appenzeller appointed new Managing Director of Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (in German)

30.01.2015 l swiss-academies
Distributing natural resources more fairly (in German)

20.09.2013 l swiss-academies
Winners of “Prix Média akademien-schweiz” – successful knowledge transfer (in German)

10.08.2013 l swiss-academies
Green alders overgrow the alps (in German)

27.06.2013 l swiss-academies
Agrarian policy 2014-17 will fail to meet environmental objectives (in German)

15.05.2013 l swiss-academies
Green genetic engineering: Academies welcome coexistence regulations (in German)

19.03.2013 l swiss-academies
New genetically modified plants to bring ecological and economical benefit for Swiss cultivators (in German)

11.02.2013 l swiss-academies
Statement on total revision of education grant act: half-hearted counterproposal on the scholarship initiative (in German)

29.01.2013 l swiss-academies
Statement on Energy Strategy 2050: an opportunity for Switzerland (in German)

07.01.2013 l swiss-academies
Thierry Courvoisier is the new President of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (in German)

03.12.2012 l swiss-academies
The Academies of Sciences ask for a sustainable health system (in German)

26.11.2012 l swiss-academies
For Women in Science: Call for grant proposals 2013 (in German)

14.11.2012 l swiss-academies
Prix de Quervain 2012 for medical high altitude research

07.11.2012 l swiss-academies
Solutions for limited ressources

18.10.2012 l swiss-academies
A nationally co-ordinated spatial planning for the expansion of renewable energies (in German)

20.09.2012 l swiss-academies
Media Prize of the Swiss Academies: The laureates 2012 (in German)

09.08.2012 l swiss-academies
On the electricity supply of the future (in German)

04.07.2012 l swiss-academies
Measuring the use of natural resources (in German)

19.06.2012 l TA-SWISS
Where am I? (in German)

18.06.2012 l swiss-academies
The making of knowledge and tertiary education are largely missing in the final document for Rio (in German)

07.03.2012 l swiss-academies
The energy turnaround is not so much a technical but a societal challenge (in German)

22.02.2012 l swiss-academies
educa.MINT: New web platform for school teachers (in German)

30.06.2011 l swiss-academies
Good «Spatial Concept Switzerland» needs to become more effective (in German)

30.05.2011 l swiss-academies
International Committee: scientific meeting on facilitated access for researchers to plants and other genetic resources

26.05.2011 l swiss-academies
Multilocals shape the Alps more strongly than tourists (in German)

25.05.2011 l SAMS
Prof. Peter Meier-Abt new President of the SAMS (in German)

17.02.2011 l SATW
A full supply requires the active participation of all (in German)

02.02.2011 l swiss-academies
Those providing advice to policy need to respect framework conditions (in German)

10.01.2011 | swiss-academies
Heinz Gutscher is new President of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (in German)

17.12.2010 l swiss-academies
Humanists with Inky Fingers: Balzan Distinguished Lecture by Anthony Grafton in Zurich

09.12.2010 l SCNAT
Where chemistry makes history: second "Chemical Landmark" goes to the former chemistry building of the ETH Zurich (in German)

01.12.2010 | L'Oréal
Programme "For Women in Science": opening of the call (in German)

24.11.2010 l swiss-academies
Awarding of the Media Prize 2010 (in German)

18.11.2010 l SAHS
Generational politics – put together what goes together factually (in German)

17.11.2010 l swiss-academies
Position paper on the utilisation of the concept of dignity in Swiss legislation (in German)

09.11.2010 l SCNAT
Biodiversity declaration for Switzerland adopted: great need for action and research in the coming decade (in German)

01.11.2010 l SATW
Rare metals must be used more sustainably (in German)

26.10.2010 l swiss-academies
Sustainability as a challenge for teaching and research (in German)

16.10.2010 l Science et Cité
Social anthropologist from Berne wins the award for the best scientific film (in German)

13.10.2010 l TA-SWISS
Overrun by the rapid development of the Internet (in German)

29.09.2010 l SAMS
Forced feeding of imprisoned persons: medical faculty and carers refuse to accept (in German)

16.09.2010 l swiss-academies
For the cultural 'biodiversity' in the digital ages (in German)

08.09.2010 l SCNAT
Make the natural sciences apperceptible: Prix Expo 2010 goes to Lausanne and Olten (in German)

18.08.2010 l SATW
Crop plants become increasingly important as natural resource (in German)

29.06.2010 l TA-SWISS
On the move with wood and manure: Local biofuels for sustainable mobility

19.06.2010 l ICAS
Young researchers in Alpine studies are honoured (in German)

14.06.2010 l TA-SWISS
The power of figures questioned (in German)

11.06.2010 l SAHS
New President of the Swiss Academy of Human and Social Sciences (in German)

21.04.2010 l swiss-academies
No contradiction between praxis and theory (in German)

15.03.2010 l Science et Cité
"Start off in the Federal Palace!" – What scientific work can do for national politics (in German)

03.03.2010 l SAHS
Presentation of "A Statement on the Meaning, Quality Assessment, and Teaching of Qualitative Research Methods" (in German)

08.02.2010 l Balzan
Balzan Prizes 2010: History, Theatre, Biology and Mathematics (in German)

01.02.2010 | swiss-academies
Swiss research says YES to the constitutional bill on research on humans (in German)

12.01.2010 l SAMS
The SAMS rejects the proposed new regulations on organised euthanasia (in German)

25.11.2009 l swiss-academies
Successful knowledge transfer - awarding of the first Media Award (in German)

20.11.2009 l swiss-academies
Public debate with the Balzan Prize laureates (in German)

16.11.2009 l swiss-academies
New coordination office for park research Switzerland (in German)

25.09.2009 l swiss-academies
Further develop theses on the educational system 2030 (in German)

31.08.2009 l swiss-academies
White Book "Future Education Switzerland" (in German)

21.04.2009 l swiss-academies
Preimplantation diagnostics: the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences ask for a revision of the draft bill (in German)

22.01.2009 l swiss-academies
Change in Presidency (in German)

27.11.2008 l swiss-academies
To separate urine is an opportunity for water pollution control (in German)

10.09.2008 l swiss-academies
ICAS: young researchers on the Alps of WSL and University of Lausanne are honoured (in German)

22.08.2008 l swiss-academies
Theses on nanotechnology (in German)

08.05.2008 l swiss-academies
Electronic health services – it requires the public dialogue (in German)

21.04.2008 l swiss-academies
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences promote "Scientific Integrity" (in German)

19.11.2008 l swiss-academies
Aide memoire energy (in German)

22.01.2007 l swiss-academies
Full speed ahead (in German)

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